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I was introduced to Splashtop remote desktop for the iPad a few weeks ago and I think it is wonderful. The application for the iPad is around £5.00 but worth every penny, and the computer and mac apps are free. It is very easy to set up on both the iPad and on the computer.


With this application I can control my computer with my iPad, not only across my home network but using my email account I can access my computer anywhere I have wifi access. This means I can use any and all of the programs on my computer, where ever I am and I do not need to install Word, Access or Powerpoint applications on my iPad, I can just remote into my pc and read or display the presentations which I need to show. Using this method also helps get round the lack of flash support on the iPad, anything which requires flash, runs on the pc and can be watched on the iPad. The same goes for all films files, dvd’s and even blu-rays, if I had a blu-ray dvd drive in my computer.

Combining this with Dropbox, I can add files to the iPad anywhere without the need to connect to the computer or use itunes. This aplication is not just limited to the iPad, it works on the iPhone and Android phones to. In fact the Android app is currently free, to download it and give it a try use the following link,

Having spent some time playing around with Splashtop remote desktop for the iPad, I decided to try out the remote access for pc to pc. Also really easy to use and with internet discovery using a Google account you can access your home pc from work or you iPad where you have a wifi connection. This connection does require the Streamer (from the sending pc) and the Remote desktop applications to be installed. You can download both the Remote desktop for pc of mac and the streamer from

Before adding any new software to your computer you should ensure your windows updates and antivirus are up to date.

Splashtop streaming network sign in

Using these applications I can also switch on my webcams and check out what’s going on at home while I’m not, including keeping half an eye on our new puppy. I also use it to turn my pc off, when I am snug and warm and do not want to move. Very lazy I know, but technology is there to serve.

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I’m always up for a bit of legal free software, normally referred to as Freeware and I spend quite a bit of time researching and testing them out. The best of these I intend to share here.

Before adding any new software to your computer you should ensure your windows updates and antivirus are up to date.

Most of us have a PDF reader, normally Adobe Reader, on our computers. PDF stands for portable document format and any program that can print to a printer can print to a PDF writer, because a PDF writer is a virtual printer. The main reasons we use PDF documents is because they are not easy to amend, they are easily shared and you do not need the software which create the original document to open them. By this, I mean that you can create a document in Microsoft Word, or a diagram in Microsoft Visio or a CAD program and print it to a PDF writer, then anyone with a reader, such as Adobe Reader, can open the document without having to have the original software.

The Adobe Reader software is freeware but the writer software is not, the standard edition is currently over £100, there are a few cheaper ones on the market and there are several free ones. I want to introduce you to one of the free ones, CutePDF Writer.

CutePDF Writer, made by Acro Software, is freeware and works for all the current versions of windows. It is really simple to install and as easy as to use as any printer, without the headache of changing the inks or clearing a paper jam. Its requires an extra piece of software called a PS2PDF converter, which possibly stands for postscript to pdf, which it asks you for during the installation. Once installed you use it as you would any printer, name the file and save it to your documents. You can download CutePDF Writer using the following link

CutePDF Writer does not allow you to amend a PDF as many of the paid for writers do. If you need to change something you will have to go back to the original document, change that and then reprint it to CutePDF writer.

If you need a PDF writer this is a great little piece of software.

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A blog is born

A few weeks ago I did an audit of my on-line presence. I decided I needed to do this after writing a post called Time to Unfriend. As part of this I spent some time thinking about the two blogs I had been writing and where I was going with them. I found for the Picture It Photography by MsG blog I was far more interested in the images than the process behind them and although the Not Just Surviving, Thriving blog has helped me throughout my depression, it hadn’t quite worked out the way I had planned. When I was low I didn’t want to write and when I was feeling better I didn’t want to look back.

So how to move on? I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences, but I needed to find a new channel. What else do I know about? Technology! I got my first computer in 1984, the Amstrad 464 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I also decided that although I quite liked the Blogger platform I wanted to give the WordPress platform a try. Finding a name for my blog wasn’t easy, the first twenty or so I tried were already taken, so after several attempts to register and several brain storming sessions the very simple was registered. The name Digital Diva had come out in one of the brain storming sessions, so I used that as the blog title, as it can be changed and I just wanted to get started.

Next I had to choose a design, a theme. With so many on offer, how to choose? I went through lots of interesting blog entries, a few of which I follow, to see what theme design they had used, it is displayed at the bottom of the page. I choose the Pilcrow theme because it is simple, clean and classic; it has 6 page setups and supports multiple widgets. Now I had the basics in place I need to personalise my page. A photograph for the banner, I love the picture of poppies and corn, it reminds me of summer, a link to my Facebook page and Flickr stream. On the other side links to a couple of friends blogs. The page was set; I needed to add some content. I changed the Hello World default post to an introduction and added some information to the About Me page. I still need to work out what most of the widgets do and whether I want them, it is still a work in progress, but it is coming along nicely.

Once the site was set up I was ready to start writing and a blog is born.

For sound blogging advice have a look at Darren Rowse blog ProBlogger

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The small screen

Most of us enjoy our media on the go, we have our music on mp3 players, films on our laptops and we enjoy our favourite radio and television programmes streamed from the internet at our pleasure.

To make the most of these services on the iPad, the free players are must have apps. The BBC with the iPlayer, ITV player and channel 4’s 4OD, all of which offer a wide range of catch up television. Channel 5’s app, Demand 5, is currently only offering coverage of Big Brother, hopefully this service will be extended in the future. These applications appear on many of the ‘Best Free Apps for the iPad’ lists. I will be looking at more of these in the coming weeks.

Sky also offers a player for the iPad but the service is an additional £6 a month for Sky subscribers.

The small clear screen on the iPad provides an excellent format to watch catch up tv on. No wires, no remotes, no channel surfing, you can watch what you want, when you want.

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Online business card About.Me

About.Me is a splash page, an online business card, which brings together all of your online profiles in one simple and free web page. It allows people to view your shared web content from one place and provides you with the statistics to allow you to understand where your traffic is coming from.

Founded by Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young in December 2009, it was acquired by AOL a year later.

It is very easy to set up the page, your bio and links. Most of the popular social networking sites are listed and it includes the option to add the URL (web address) for any web pages you may have. To see my About.Me splash page use this link About.Me Sarah George.

About.Me Sarah George

To set up your own splash page use the following link About.Me. While you are there take a few moments to check out the directory to have a look at some of the splash pages other people have created.

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I may have been late to the party with this first application but I really don’t know how I managed before I was introduced to it….oh I know, I had a pocket full of pendrives, which I frequently forgot, occasionally lost and had one eaten by the dog.

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, going live to the public in March 2008. Dropbox is an on-line storage package, giving you 2GB of online storage for free, which can be increased to a maximum of 8GB, if you refer it to others and they install the client software on their computer. You can also upgrade to a 50GB or 100GB package for a monthly or yearly subscription.

The client application is available in multiple formats, Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile versions for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android and there is a web interface, so you don’t even need to install a client.

Why do I prefer Dropbox over its competitors such as Windows Live SkyDrive which has 25GB of free online storage? That would be the versatility it offers. Having the Dropbox app on my iPad makes is so easy to transfer and view documents, photographs and books without having to go through iTunes. With the online web portal I don’t need to be near any of my equipment to access my documents. This is very useful when I travel for work, attend college or visit clients.

I do use SkyDrive as well but nowhere near as much as I use Dropbox. In my opinion the Dropbox app is a must have if you own an iPad.

You can sign up for Dropbox using the following link

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Digital Diva blog.

This is all new territory for me and I’m quite excited about this project. I have written a few blog posts before on Blogger but I decided to move to WordPress and start a blog which is intended to share my passion for technology.

I intend to start with a look at the Apple iPad and some of the wonderful free applications which are available for it.

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